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We Live. We Love. We Serve.

New Providence Baptist Church is devoted to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the sharing of the teachings of Jesus, the expounding of sound biblical doctrine, the study and application of God’s Word, continuous prayer, and through community outreach.

Our Beliefs. Our Mission.

 At New Providence, we believe that God’s mandate to make disciples is our greatest privilege and responsibility.  We are therefore committed to fulfilling our purpose through worship, fellowship, ministry, outreach, and Christian education. 

We are committed to bringing men and women who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ into fellowship with Him and into responsible church membership through

  • Equipping Believers

  • Enriching Persons

  • Evangelizing People

  • Edifying Missions

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Our Pastor.

Pastor Q. E. McKinney was born in Los Angeles grew-up in the South Central, Watts and Gardena areas. He matriculated through Robert E. Peary Junior High School, King/Drew Medical Magnet High School, UCLA, Bethel Evangelical Seminary, and Newburgh Theological Seminary.  He has been the Senior Pastor of the New Providence MBC of Los Angeles since October 2013. Pastor McKinney is the husband of Tae McKinney. He is also the proud father of two extremely gifted children: a daughter, Cadence and a son Carter. 

Pastor McKinney has an accounting background and serves as the International Payroll Supervisor for World Vision International. He was recently elected Chairman of the National Baptist Convention of America's Insurance & Annuity Board. And locally serves as CFO for the Fellowship Baptist District Association.

Pastor McKinney is dedicated to preaching and teaching the word of God. He can be found getting his hands dirty at church and jumping in to help serve. Additionally, Pastor McKinney has a heart for people. He is a praying pastor and committed to uplifting the saints, reaching the lost, and teaching about Christ's everlasting love. 

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